Investloan are Finance Brokers and Mortgage Managers specialising in residential investment property loans. We offer clear, no-nonsense advice on structuring and selecting investment loans that will work for you as you build wealth through property.

We are also Accredited Mortgage Consultant/Brokers with the MFAA (the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia), the governing body of Mortgage Brokers in the country.

We are accredited with the Australian Finance Group, giving us access to over 30 lenders Australia-wide. We are also directly accredited with other lending institutions. But we are independent from all the lenders we use - so we can choose the best loans for your needs and plans.

We are positive, proactive people. We understand the special dynamics of building wealth through investment property. And we love helping 'ordinary' Australians to 'be all they can be'.

Investloan Difference
Finance brokers and major lenders often seem more interested in their income than in your wealth, and their policies can actively inhibit your wealth building potential.

At Investloan:

  • We use a financial structure specifically designed to maximise wealth building - without risking your home and other assets.
  • We use lenders who specialise in investment property - and who understand that you may want to use your equity growth in one property to buy another. (Sooner, rather than later.)
  • Our service is free to our clients.
  • Every client has a Personal Finance Manager to focus on his or her needs.
  • Our people have extensive experience as mainstream lenders and brokers. We know how banks work - and how they don't necessarily work for property investors...
  • Successful residential property investment is hard enough. Why not choose a finance broker who's on your side?

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George Antonas

George Antonas

Tel: 02 8904 1322 | Fax: 02 8904 1328 | Mob: 0412 610 971
John Farley

John Farley

Tel: 07 3831 3022 | Fax: 07 3831 4262

Professionalism at every turn

We pride ourselves on our professionalism in every facet of our business. Simply contact us if you would like to be emailed with a copy of our Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process.